Mini is Mighty

The rules stated that the mini book could be no bigger than 2 inches. Now that's small. 

A topic was given and those people who had entered communicated. A deadline was set and then posted to the recipient.

I always felt remorse when my first book was sent away. After that I made two so I could keep one. I'm glad I did as I have so many treasured mini books that I have been sent and have made. 

It's amazing what you can achieve when there is a deadline


For a year I lived in Invercargill. Bluff oysters live close by and are prized for their delicacy. They are in season March till about August and taste delicious. They can be cooked in different ways but are best eaten raw. There are food festivals and shucking competitions where the oyster is the centre of attention.  

This mini book was made using the shell as the cover with the pages dyed and painted.