Art in the Garden

Warmer days bring more interest in the garden as the dormant plants burst with lush growth. My garden is full of weirdly crazy art too.

Making a Rainbow Jealous

Some friends and family have heard about the small artwork I'm creating out of blankets. I have been on the receiving end of exciting donations.

Some have been a challenge as not quite to the colours I had in mind. I'm always up for a challenge so the colour palette of these individual artworks is about to make a rainbow jealous. Expect to see some more Cushies on here.

Oh the possibilities. 


Page Swap

Making books is fun. As a diversion, our group decided to each name a title for a book and swap pages. Each month we sent a page with our title to a group member. The titles ranged from flowers, my kitchen, birds, seasons, pathways and dreams. I chose Outside the Box. That created a bit of a dilemma for some as I cut a square out of the page.



Those little square tiles can be something quite stunning. Patience, a strong grip for the tile cutters and a little bit of imagination and see what you can create.