2019 Really! I got in a bit earlier with my New Year Resolutions and on November 18th I retrieved an old A5 blank page book from my stash of things I might someday use. I decided to set myself a challenge to draw something on a page every day until it was full. 

Drawing brings out the laughter that sometimes you experience at school with feeble attempts at creating something realistic. With my new blank page book I have no one staring over my shoulder or criticising. I'm free to create whatever. My tools are black ink pens, blue biro, scissors, ink tense pencils, a wee crystal vase with water in it, glue stick and paint brush and some old magazines. 

I have managed to keep this up for 6 weeks now. Imagine! Such stickability.

Ironing with Style

Taking a saw to pages of a book is not something for everyone. Neither is using an iron on wet dye and hearing it sizzle but what an adventure.  I also like the furry edges of the paper. The heated bubbles produce some amazing patterns. There is no firm result for the outcome. That's the mystery of this process. You never know what you’re going to get. 

In the photos below I have drawn around images that I see on the pages. 

I have 2 irons for this process as they have different patterns on the base.

My iron has become a friend for the first time in my life. Oh! And the dye bottle.