Memories and Making

In 2012 my Grandson was smuggled out of New Zealand to Cape Town, South Africa. This left a huge gap in all our lives. 

To cope with the loss and to pass on family memories that I may never have the opportunity to share with him, I made him a book. 

I treasure these books. Not because I made them but because one day it will be a link to my Grandson. 

Each day I wonder what he is doing and where he is and if he receives the things I send.

My one book has grown into 8 books now. This will be his New Zealand family history. One day he will know he had a great family who were denied access to his precious world. 

One page is special as my late husband, his Grandfather wrote in the one of the books.  

This year Joseph was 8. We all love him and miss him

I call these Joseph Book’s

They measure 140mm x 75mm

Inside are drawings, photos, presents I've sent and cards I’ve made, copies of postcards about New Zealand, family photos and events, memories of times spent in the first 2 years of his life and jottings of what Bizzel, cat is up too.  




Every year we would unearth handmade Christmas decorations from years gone by. These would be hung amongst the branches with much mirth. 

Receiving something handmade at Christmas is pretty special. There is the thought, the labour and the creativity that goes into the making. It's treasured forever. 

We have a collection in our house. The pottery made by 9 year olds, the carved dogs, a small footstool made by my Dad 80 years ago. 

Handmade presents stand the test of time. Not in usability but in the care and attention that went into making a unique handmade gift.