What's in a Name?


I once had a proposal rejected and this got me asking the question, Why? Was the Title wrong. What's in a name anyway, is it really that important. On renaming this large work, it was selected in another city. This led me being selected for an overseas exhibition. 

Naming work is always a difficult task. You become so involved with it that giving it a title seems such a mundane end to all that creativity.The label 'Untitled' given some work, is the artist wanting the work to speak for itself. 

In my experience having a title and one that relates to my practice is important. It's almost that the public demand a title these days to help understand the work. A good title can be part of a viewers narrative and leave room for their own interpretation.  It can also give an insight into the inspiration you had and makes people look deeper. 

Don't forget friends and family as they can become a good ping pong point in the best selection too.

A name counts.