Boy's Toys

Fear has a debilitating effect on creativity. Since my husband passed away 2 years ago I lost my cheerleader. He was encouraging, supportive and hands on if I needed any engineering done. My creative soul took a back seat. 

Procrastination has never been in my vocabulary but there it was heading a filing cabinet in my brain. Just the simple things of using a power drill all seemed too hard. It was his job not mine. We had been a team for so long. 

In 1984 we gave up our teaching careers and bought a power tool centre shop. It sold various things and repaired anything electrical. I know an armature from a contact and a field from a foil. 

Last week his drill refused to work for me. I thought charge the battery, it's a while since that happened. The charger was working but not the battery. 

On taking it back to our old shop to be checked the battery had snuffed it.  After various checks of a big range of brands, I am now the proud owner of a brand new modern drill. It's my very own. How proud does that feel. Of course I can use it, hopefully!

It is light to use, has a wee glow to show where the screw is and works like a charm. 

My initial fear of being able to use it was allayed as I churned through drilling over 40D clips for my canvas's in quick smart time. 

I'm glad I couldnt find the hand drill. 

The fear of using a drill was holding me back. My husband used to say, 'you have to have the gear to do the job.' I have and I did. Happiness. 

Now to deliver my artwork for the Hawke's Bay Review Exhibition at Creative Art Napier.