Ageism is a word I don't relate too. I've heard it bandied about but is that for old people. I'm  young, surely that word doesn't apply to me. 

I have time on my hands and have many skills. I have taught over 500 children to swim, coached netball, taught so many children to read, have had accolades for work I have done, been head hunt d for jobs, I've been noticed for my colour sense but all of a sudden I have become invisible. 

When gravity and grey hair show their colours it seems you suddenly have no use. I could still teach all these things for no monetary fee. 

I have volunteered at 5 different agencies but I'm not wanted. People just didn't get back to me. Maybe rejection, maybe people are just too busy. 

My mother used to say, 'it's a young persons world' and now I know what she meant.

In her diary after she died I found this little quote that she had written. 'The young criticise the old, but the young have never known what it's like to be old.'

Goal setting has always been a thing. I've never set goals but had a list in my head of things to achieve and I prioritised them in a way that suited me on the day. 

This year I think I will start my first list of goals to achieve as I now have time to write them down and maybe I will do something for me.