Art Textiles from Aotearoa 2015

Curated by Alysn Midgelow-Marsden, GBP9 (Incl. UK P&P)



Alyson’s book showcases the eclectic mix of contemporary textile artists in Aotearoa (New Zealand) that she curated for an exhibition at the Knitting and Stitching Shows last autumn. 

Although the concerns and interest of the artists vary widely, from intensely philosophical to the more commonplace, all are unified by the aroha (love) the textile artists have for their art and craft. 

Irrespective of the works’ deeper meanings, primarily this is a collection with enormous visual and tactile appeal. Sherril Jennings’ ‘Ladies a Plate’ exhibit is a case in point: a charming 3D group of doll-like figures made from recycled materials. 

Yoke Helwes-Martens’ embroideries on her late mother’s lace-trimmed handkerchiefs were widely admired at the shows, their delicate tracery of running stitch depicting portraits in elegantly linear form. Sandra Hall’s smocking skills add delightful details to a frothy 3D dress applied to an embroidered pianola roll. The book shows that beautiful results can be achieved surprisingly simply and readers may well be inspired to look through their own collection of vintage materials and to experiment. 

On-page contact details for the artists featured are a thoughtful inclusion, making in-depth exploration of your favourites just a click away. With 15 artists to choose from, readers are guaranteed hours of happy browsing, both within the book and beyond. Available from